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We review sites we like...not much use in telling you about bad ones. We don't pretend to cover the entire fucking world of porn.
We rate 'em from 50 (worth a look) to 100 (yes, we believe there are perfect sites).
We don't use standards like pixel size of images (who cares, if they are hot) or the webmaster's navigation tricks;
a good site is not less hot because it doesn't have the fanciest java script, flash graphics and all that crap.
We don't give a shit about ipod downloads, drop-down menus, zip files, etc.
This is PORN we're talikg about...These sites simply do a great job of delivering what they promise,
regardless of genre, style, and popularity...They are just GOOD sites! - Mikey and Mandy

Good - Worth a Look


What do you say about the most published guy on the planet? Well, we think he is highly overated. Yes, his babes are AMAZING. Yes, he's been around for years so he has many, many thousands of photos. But they are soooo much alike, we actually got tired of looking.


This site is Mikey's guilty pleasure. Nothing exceptional..but if big boobs do itfor you, they have some real beauties and a nice attitude.


We are using this space on our review page to
plug ourselves. But, take a second to read this. If you like the point of view on Intelligent Erection,
you'll love Mikey and Mandy. We cover the kind of off beat, arty and weird sites you see here as well as the best known mega-sites...showing you over 30,000 images, carefully and lovingly edited.
Where else can ya find a site that features XXX comics along with she-males, women of all shapes and sizes, Vintage, Jap beauties, CGI art, the great photographers you see featured here covering every imaginable genre of erotica and porn from around the world. Add to that, Mikey's thousands of original photos, Mandy's sexy and outspoken articles, columns, info, behind-the-scenes of porn, and humor.
On top of all that, we're CHEAP!
If it weren't a conflict of interest we'd give ourselves a 100.
,Hell, we think we are the best site in the world!

Very Good

This stuff is not for everyone.
But if you have been wondering what's up with she-males, this is the site to find out. They've been around for 7 years and have over a QUATER MILLION images and TONS of quality videos, not to mention a forum and all the info you need about these chicks with dicks.The "girls" range in quality and all are hard core. Don't worry about feeling gay when ya explore this genre, 90% of the viewers are straight according to research (really!). This an honest independant site with links to the other great sites they own: LadyBoys from Thailand

Brazilian She-males.
Soooo, Want to take a look into this sexy, somewhat taboo form of porn?..Start here.

JAPANESE bondage:

Ropes. ropes and more ropes..used as ONLY the Japanese can. We think the Eastern sensibility and long history of bondage as art make for one amazing site. It's in English.The only drawback is that they are strictly limited to one genre...but if it's YOUR feitsh, go for it.


We're big fans of dirty comics and these guys make the best
we've ever found. Make no mistake, this stuff is not is FILTHY. The comics are as raunchy as the old fashioned 8 pagers but created in 3D cgi. There are raping aliens and teenage in-the-woods sexual adventures. They range from gross to VERY sexy and definately horny. Not for everyone, but if ya like this kind of thing, they have TONS of material, making it a good buy.



This "links" site is like no other.
There are hundreds and hundreds of sites and blogs featured here, but what sets them apart from the rest is the taste level. Want to find new independant art sites? Politics? Tasteful (and not-so-tastful) photography? Weird stuff? Galleries? Pay sites?
or for that matter ANYTHING and EVERYTHING of interest to the smarter-than-average surfer? IT"S ALL HERE! They've been around for years and have no rival. A MUST free site to bookmark. Just text, no visuals, so ya gotta hunt a little, but it's fun.

Mr Skin

A site with just a little too much ego if ya ask us...BUT..if you want to stay connected to everything going on in the world of porn, this site's for you. Howard Sterrn is his buddy and the attitude is much the same.

Joey Silvera

We've been fans of Joey for some time and his talents both on screen and behind the camera are first rate. There are others out there who provide a lot more material on their pages, but Joey does one thing the others don't. He mixes She-Male galleries in with his other very hot hard-core shoots. Let's ya see trannies guilt free. This is a great site for buying his DVD's.


CGI (computer generated images) technology isn't just for making motion picture special effects.. Today you can buy software for creating any kind of art you like, even if you can't draw. In the hands of true artists, it's a tool that enables one to paint dirty pictures and fantasy art like what you find on this site. You can buy the software there as well and give it a try yourself. (There are plenty of members on the forums to help). The site is FREE

This blog-like site is the biggest and best source of everything porny on the internet.
We check it daily to see what's going on in the world of smut. Unlike most self published web sites, these guys and gals can really write. Truthfully, if you bookmark them, you don't need us or anyone else.




We like our porn on the funky side, and the exclusively amateur (yes, they really ARE all home-made) videos are often much pornier than the slick, professional ones.


We LOVE this all-ART site.
The artists are Russian and the material gets pretty violent at times. They have a (small) CGI art section as well as their traditional 2-D comics. We'd rate the site higher, but they have stopped adding updates, so it's a one time deal.

There are a billion vintage sites out there and only two of them take the time to really edit well, while presenting the images in a nice, easy to look at way. This site is done out of love and it shows.


This site pretends to be more than it really is, when in fact it's just another slick nude mega-site. What sets them apart though, is the exceptional quality of the very young (but legal) models.


Showing you this site is a reminder that we are about PORN, not just fancy erotic photo and art sites.
In case you need to know what a gloryhole is, this is from their site: "A gloryhole is a hole cut between video booths in adult bookstores, bathroom stalls, or any type public wall. The hole is made at about hip level so that a man of average height can push his cock through the opening in the wall to get pleasured"
OK...This is as gritty and dirty as ya can get. The locations are real (they even tell ya how to find 'em) and the sex is very graphic. We love those qualities, and nobody does it better than these guys (and they've been at it for 7 years!


This lovely site is the newest addition to the growing list of classy-yet-porny photography sites.
The European women are among the most beautiful in the world. The photographers have no equals.
They present the models with a singular point of view and if you like it, go for consistantly delivers.
PS: HUGE sized full screen (soft porn) videos are a nice extra...again the quality is as good as they get.

Positive Porn

These folks have a lot in common with us. We've seen this coming for a positive sites that don't insult your intelligence and see porn as pop culture.
From Them: "Most porn advertises itself as 'nasty' for good reason. Because it is. But porn does not have to be disgusting, exploitive or evil. Scattered among the bad are quite a few porn sites and erotic photography portfolios that are sex-positive, respectful toward the women they portray, and sophisticated in their presentation. Despite all its virtues, positive porn is usually much more erotic than the mainstream drivel most people associate with the word porn. If you don't believe me, peruse the galleries and reviews on this site, and see for yourself that porn doesn't have to be bad to be good.
What is positive porn?
• Respectful of its models
• Honest in its portrayal of the personalities of its models
• Positive in its depiction of female beauty and/or sex
• Produced by real people who take pride in their work.
Unfortunately its often very hard to find. And that is why this site exists: to provide a comprehensive guide to the wonderful world of positive porn".


Simply the Best


Bob Coulter of Crazybabe might just be the best dirty picture taker on the planet. His point of view, amazing hot bad-girl models and beautifully designed pages rate a:


Abby Winters is by and far the best Australian site. It is also up there with "I shot myself" as one of the best amateur sites in the world. The girls are sometimes funny looking...but soooo real! Soooo charming! There are hundreds of thousands of pics and quality videos. They have a premier section that doesn't cost much...well worth it. If you are one of the few folks left on the planet that doesn't know about Abby...CHECK IT OUT. We LOVE this site.


These smart folks re-invented the video site..there simply is no better site around. It's a mystery to me how they keep it so cheap. If you want ONE place to go to get virtually every genre of porn vid...this is the place!

GAY videobox
Ditto, if you're gay


There are 70,000 movies available on this site! THE BIG DIFFERENCE with this site, is NO Subscription. You pay per minute as you go.
This is the way of the future, say the experts. All we know is you can see anything and everything in the porn video world here. WOWZA..worth trying for a few bucks (in fact the first 10 minutes are free so ya can test drive it. We are VERY impressed!
" Hotmovies is constantly signing and adding new studios to our family of sites,,, and A couple of our latest and exciting studio additions are EXCLUSIVE to us - Sex Z Pictures, producer of the 2007 AVN Award sweeper "Corruption",, who offers extreme femdom movies from the infamous Irene Boss, and most recently, ZFX Productions, which has wonderful films of female submissives in distress."


Not only is Craig Morey a great photographer, but in addition to showing his beautiful work, he features OTHER great photographers from around the world. His curating skills are second to none. Translation: He looks for the best, finds it and publishes it, all with the eye of a master. This is one CLASSY site. (But make no mistake,it's damn HOT as well)

Suicide Girls

We all know Suicide Girls is the maga-site of goth, alt (whatever) girls with attitude...and they desrve to be. You'd have to be living under a rock, not to know about them. We LOVE the girls and the site they rode in on.


These guys have been around forever..They love BIG tits..BIG cocks, and BIG...well, everything.
A very dirty site, often rude (too rude for us, especially the way they treat the girls), but they deliver.

RetroRaunch: vintage

The whole vintage site thing started with RetroRaunch. They have every kind of vintage (but not much xxx), ranging from 1880 to the 70's. It's a first class deal at a good price.


This is one of many, many slick, beautiful photography "magazines" that are hard to critisize..If you like the preview pages, you'll like the site. This guy is a real pro the girls are all beautiful...what more do ya need?


These folks run a couple of sites with photos from around the world. What sets 'em apart is the sexier-than-just-nice-nudes approach. Many are actually XXX. They have published Mikey, so how can we give them less than:

I Shot Myself

This is Mikey and Mandy's favorite concept. Damn!...We wish we'd thought of it. It's exciting just to know there are this many confident, empowered, sexy young things out there not afraid of taking pictures of their goodies. I know you see this site everywhere, but if you've passed them up before, Join 'em NOW

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